Duchess Information


Duchesses are high school juniors or seniors that represent cities and states outside of the Beaumont area.  They have always been a special part of the Royal Court and have ties to Beaumont through family, friends, businesses, or simply an interest in being a part of the Neches River Festival.  Having them participate honors their communities near and far to us. 

If you have any questions please contact our Duchess Chairman Lacey Mabry, lacey.mabry10@gmail.com.  

Escorts for Duchesses are provided by the Neches River Festival Office and are a junior or senior boy from one of the Beaumont high schools.  If a Duchess has family ties or friend connections to a local young man and would like to select her own escort, that is encouraged and acceptable.  This is an opportunity for all participants to make new friends and connections, and to build on those relationships already established.

Our Festival is Friday, April 24 to Saturday April 25, 2020 - Please fill out our Duchess Form and send to director@nechesrf.com - link provided below.



The Presentation gown

Please choose a floor length gown in a color of your choice, but not white.  The dress needs to have enough room in the bottom so your Duchess is able to bow.