knights of the neches

The Knights are a group of men from our local community that work to promote the event, recruit participation and support the volunteers that make it all happen.  In addition, the Knights present scholarships to NRF participants for Lamar University.  Celebrating our youth and our area’s greatest natural resource, the Neches River, the festival brings these two most important aspects of our community together through a variety of celebrations, presentations and opportunities to get to know Southeast Texas better. We have a rich history that must be honored, and we work to encourage our high school seniors to appreciate and contribute to our growing future.


Knight membership is nearly 200 strong and is represented by individuals of all backgrounds, businesses and social interests.  As we work together to support the NRF, the goal of the current Board of Knights is to increase awareness of the Festival and encourage involvement in our community through the relationships built through the Knights. 


Kings arrival



kings dinner